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June 2019

Off grid training camp


Aug 2019

Breathtaking Highland trails



Oct 2019

Sharp Alpine Climbs


The Running

Our unique capability as humans to run long distances is thought to have evolved two million years ago to enable us to run down prey. Today, the simple act of running can connect us to ourselves, those we run with and the land we run on. Running is the backbone of these trips, and the routes are well researched so you experience the best that each location has to offer.

Experienced runners only.


Off Grid Living

Step away from your fast-paced urban and digital life to create space to enjoy the simpler things. Shake the hum of civilisation and wake up with the light and birds, vegetarian home cooked meals on a wood burner and distraction-free time to read and have meaningful discussions. Cabins provide the perfect shelter for warmth, good food and a comfy bed, exactly what you need after a hard training session.


Explore Wild Locations

Europe offers so much diversity and we carefully select our locations to offer rugged, challenging and scenic running terrain. Runs vary based on location, ranging from wild highlands to sharp alps and dense Scandinavian forests.



Running daily requires quality recovery and respect for the body. Soothe the aches and pains with a post-run ice bath followed by a sauna or hot tub. Tuck into a delicious plant based meal providing quality nutrition. Then relax into a Yoga for Runners session so you can go again in the morning.


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What runners are saying

Unbelievable & unforgettable running getaway! Three days of running mountains in the Scottish Highlands, doing yoga, chilling in hot tubs, eating great food for the soul, having meaningful conversations and good laughs with an amazing bunch of humans.
— Nicolas Arroyo, Santiago, Chile

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